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Criminal proceedings

Protecting the interests of clients in criminal proceedings is one of the main activities of the AO.
The team of experienced lawyers and jurists in criminal cases, having many years of positive experience in comprehensive protection against criminal prosecution, is ready to provide full support in criminal proceedings.
In our practice there are no "simple" criminal cases. Each of our clients receives highly professional legal assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings.

We are ready to provide the following elements of protection:

● Development of a comprehensive strategy for protection against criminal prosecution.

● Providing communication with law enforcement agencies, which is burdensome and sometimes unpleasant for the client.

● Counteracting illegal pressure from law enforcement agencies in the framework of the pre-trial investigation.

● Preparation of the client and company employees for interrogations, searches.

● Ensuring compliance with the client's rights during detention, search, interrogation, and other investigative actions.

● Preparation of all necessary procedural documents (applications, petitions, complaints and objections).

● Protection in court proceedings (from choosing a measure of restraint to sentencing in a case), including appeals and cassation appeals.

We not only protect, but also conduct our own investigation of crimes in the interests of the injured party. The materials of our investigations, thanks to the considerable experience of the investigative work of the JSC team, become the basis for future charges and compensation for damages caused to you.

As part of the protection of the interests of victims, we carry out:

● Careful collection of evidence for law enforcement and the judiciary.

● Interrogation of witnesses and verification of existing testimony.

● Study of materials of criminal proceedings and initiation before investigative bodies
carrying out the necessary investigative actions.

● Requiring required information through attorney's inquiries.

● Filing a civil lawsuit in criminal proceedings for damages.

● Representation of the interests of the injured party in court.
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