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Protection of persons in respect of whom extradition requests for extradition have been received
● Providing qualified assistance in the detention of a foreigner or a stateless person wanted by the competent authorities of foreign states for criminal prosecution or execution of a court sentence.

● Protection during the examination of requests for temporary, extradition arrest by the investigating judge; appeal against extradition arrest, if any; checking the grounds for further detention and changing the previously selected extradition arrest to another more lenient measure of restraint.

● Appeals against decisions on the extradition of a person to another state (at the time of consideration, the extradition of a person cannot be carried out).

● Preparation of petitions for the transfer of criminal proceedings to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in the order of adoption.

● Verification of finding a person on the international wanted list.

● Provision of qualified assistance by a lawyer in the detention or establishment by a foreign competent authority of a person wanted by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies for the purpose of extradition (extradition) to Ukraine.

● Protection of wanted persons (appeal against the decision to declare a person wanted; appeal against the decision on notification of suspicion; request to close criminal proceedings under the statute of limitations).

● Application for transfer of a convict by a court of another state to imprisonment in Ukraine to serve a sentence.
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