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Legal support and protection of IT business

We solve the following issues:
1. We help to start a business in Ukraine.

● full complex on registration of LLC and FOP;
● preparation of constituent documents;
● selection of the optimal taxation system.

2. We develop legal documentation for the website.

● development of a public offer (Terms of use);
● development of privacy policy;
● development of cookies policy.

3. We develop contracts in IT and examination of contracts provided by contractors for risks.

● development of license agreements;
● development of service agreements (MSA);
● development of agreements on marketing services, etc.

4. Protect trade secrets and business from competitors.

● development of agreements with business partners and developers on the protection of confidential information (trade secrets) and the absence of competition (NDA, NCA, etc.);
● development of a regulation on trade secrets; a list of information constituting a trade secret; instructions on how to handle such information, etc.

5. Protect intellectual property.

● advice on the protection of intellectual property, including copyright protection, trademark registration, utility model and invention rights, industrial design protection and code authorship;
● consultations on the use of open-source code and on the use of someone else's intellectual property;
● consultations on the selection of classes for trademark registration;
● filing an application for trademark registration;
● development of agreements on the creation of intellectual property to order; on the transfer of rights to use the domain name; copyright agreements; trademark sales agreements.

6. Advise on labor legislation.

● development of labor documentation of the enterprise (rules of internal labor regulations, job descriptions, etc.);
● development of contracts with contractors, designers, other persons who provide services or perform work within the project;
● support and protection of the team during inspections by the State Labor Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies;
● assessment of the risks of revealing hidden labor relations by the controlling bodies.

7. Provide legal support for investment activities.

● development of investment agreements;
● investment disputes.

8. Provide risk monitoring and internal business security.

● support of inspections of controlling bodies, preparation of letters, complaints, settlement of disputes in a pre-trial procedure;
● conducting an inspection of a business partner;
● legal protection of the company's business reputation;
● deleting information from the Internet;
● conducting internal investigations at the enterprise:
- regarding the commission by an employee of an act that contains signs of a crime and preparation of materials for law enforcement agencies;
- regarding the leakage of confidential information, trade secrets;
- on theft of property.

9. Protect business from criminal prosecution.

● full legal support at the stage of pre-trial investigation;
● ensuring participation in court hearings in criminal proceedings;
● trainings for the company's team on the rules of conduct during the search;
● protection and support during searches;
● protection during interrogation of members of the company's team;
● protection during the implementation of measures to return documents, equipment seized during the search;
● appeal against the seizure of property.

10. Provide legal protection for your business.

● protect your rights and participate in litigation;
● preparation and submission of procedural documents to the court.
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